I’m a man in search of a dream, both literally and figuratively.

My dream is to sleep again.

In the solitude of that sleep, I will be able to dream and allow my brain and body to heal and enjoy life the way it’s supposed to be enjoyed.

It sounds simple, doesn’t it? Sleeping. Just close your eyes and drift off into another world and leave your current one behind.

For some of us, it’s the most difficult part of our lives.

I cannot sleep like a normal person because of muscle twitches and jerks at the VERY second I begin to fall asleep.

Every single time I begin slumber, a twitch and jolt from my rebellious body wakes me up.

I’m not alone either. Some call it hypnic jerks, or sleep myoclonus, or sleep starts. I call it torture.

This blog is to bring those of us suffering from this condition together. This is our voice. I’m finished suffering by myself and not knowing how to explain this to doctors or others. Let’s help each other gets our lives back. We don’t have to feel alone and helpless anymore.

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  1. Here is the link with good example of moro reflex while sleeping. Sometimes also called startle reflex. Quite common for children up to 6 months during sleep and awakening stages. The cause is to be believed undeveloped vestibular system. It may persists in later stages of life which is indicative of some issues in nervous system development.

    There is a lot of info on the web, including medical treatment and special gymnastic. I bet whatever is on this link has similar mechanics to our case if not exactly the same. It is still the question why it happens to us being adults but in my view whatever may happen to child may happen to an adult as well.

  2. MyoclonicMoments said:

    First of all, TheManWhoCannotSleep, when are we going to hear from you again? I really miss you stories… The lake was positively my favorite, but you never know which ones are others :) You do have a way with words.

    I’ve just connected to something: They reduce my anxiety around bedtime, which actually helps, in my case. For what it is worth.


  3. MyoclonicMoments said:

    Mark, I’m sure he will if you ask him to. He’s probably just busy.


  4. MyoclonicMoments said:

    Mark, He can, but he’ll need to know exactly where on his site you posted it. Even I am having trouble tracking it down.


  5. All, I may be on to something. Has anyone else had their GFR number tested? The rate at which the Kidney filters toxins? Mine is borderline not good. I read over and over that can cause sleep disorders including PLMD and Restless legs. About 2 months before I got my jerks I had a whole week of RLS. Never had it in my life either. I am going to see a Kidney specialist.

  6. PS. When I quit drinking my jerks subside or end. I drank 2 days ago and jerked so bad I hit myself in the face, jumped straight out of bed.. So it either causes mine or make it present itself. I am looking at the kidney and liver now as the culprit.

  7. My doctor has prescribed me Valproate, (aka, Depakote). I started using 300 mg before sleep around 2 months ago and it really helps to suppress jerks. I would say I almost have no jerks now. 300 mg is only 1/7 of the normal dose which is used for treating epilepsy, so this is very low doze without side affects.

    • Mark Jaggers said:

      Any idea what caused your jerks ? How long did you have them ?

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      • Anonymous said:

        Mark, I had brain concussion followed by insomnia. After appr 1 year jerks have started. It is certainly not due to alcohol.

      • I’m still seeing a lot of consistency in these problems from neck or head injuries. It really makes me wonder. I have a herniated disc in my neck that nobody has been able to correlate to the jerks. But, when I am lifting weights and aggravate the neck; the jerks are usually worse.

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    • It was just an option for me on the original layout. I didn’t have to get a plug-in for it. Good luck!

      • Themanwhocannotsleep – I was looking through your comments before and I saw the point where you thought you’d have to resign from your job when it got so bad. May I ask what kind of work you do? I teach, so I need to have a high amount of energy and mental focus so I know that fear all too well. Also, something others have said and I know all too well do you experience an increase in the jerks if you are not quite tired enough to go to sleep right away? I fluctuate between thinking it is worse when I go to sleep kind of tired vs super tired like if I missed a good night’s sleep the night before.

      • I’ve never noticed the jerks being related to how tired I am. That’s one variable that never happens. I haven’t ever tied it to that. As for my job, it’s fairly public and I also have to be focused with a high amount of energy. That’s a main reason for a lot of the anxiety that the jerks produce. If I just worked in an office with no public scrutiny, it wouldn’t be as important to sleep. I can certainly empathize with your desire to need sleep before teaching. It must be difficult to be “on stage” in front of children or teens or whomever you teach.

  9. I’ve recently passed the year anniversary of my twitching condition; it was something I was surprised lasted a month much less a year! Mine goes into ‘remission’ for up to three weeks at a time but then it always comes back. To comment on what you were saying to the other, I’ll get the twitches when I am not super tired, but then I’ll also get them after about 3-5 hours of sleep. I take Clonazapam once a week when in remission, twice when I’m not, just on really important nights. I just don’t want to take it that often because the efficacy is compromised. I’ve learned to live on an average of 5.5 hours of sleep a night. Six or seven? Absolute heaven! But it sure beats the nights I didn’t sleep at all. Take care!

    • I said this before we have the exact same thing. What time do you go to bed usually?

      • Hey Mark, I try to be consistent about when I go to bed but I’ve gone through a lot of changes lately. I employ a sleep mask if I am going to sleep past seven and ear plugs if I am going to try going until eight. When in remission I get some really good nights of sleep and how I know it is coming back is when I start to get restless again, waking up after only a few hours of sleep and needing to take something to go back to sleep (a Benadryl or sometimes mirtazapine or melatonin). I believe I am heading back toward the twitches because I’ve just had a week of really bad sleep. Any night now! Take it easy!

    • By the way I am exactly one year last month also. So weird.

  10. Poodlepal said:

    I’m also a teacher. It’s a stressful job that can play havoc with your sleep for sure. My current job is so awful that I’m actually sleeping well. My last job was almost as bad but my commute was shorter, so I had more trouble with twitching and regular insomnia. I will still twitch if I try to take a nap or if I’m not that tired. Usually, being exhausted calms it down. I also have waking twitches as I try to wind down.

    Good luck to all of you. My case is mild compared to some others (knock on wood) but I know what you’re going through.

    • Anonymous said:


  11. Hey Mark, I just thought of something I thought would be interesting. A year ago was when my twitches started, and simultaneously I moved closer to my parents (to seek treatment from a doctor they knew because mine was dropping the ball on my care) and I found that my father was going through the same thing, and that he had been suffering from it for years. We were both scheduled to do sleep studies and his determined that during the night he was getting about 1.5 hours of ‘real’ sleep! In his case it was later determined that some of his many medications (heart meds and prednisone) may be the culprit but of course the doctor wasn’t certain. He was put on lorazapam. My study revealed that I was getting much more than that (about 4 hours) but nothing apparent was at the heart of it and the neurologist figured it would go away eventually. It does come and go (I just had nine horrible nights of restless/twitchy sleep) and then it passes and I’ll have a week or so of ‘normal’ sleep. I also get twitches when I try to nap during the day, in fact can’t nap; after I twitch five or six times I actually feel rested and just get up. I get the twitches in the early morning after I’ve had about six or seven hours (those are GOOD nights!) and eventually just get up. I’ve learned to function on four to six hours of sleep and not feel like a zombie, and I only take clonazepam about once a week (hope it stays that way). Anyway, thought that might be of interest, that it may in some way be hereditary. I am a veterinary technician/dog walker/pet sitter and sometimes stress causes the twitches when I am extremely busy and I have to drive a lot through horrendous city traffic on a daily basis. I’ve also found that alcohol exacerbates it so I try to avoid drinking to excess. I was prescribed medical marijuana when the twitches first started and I found that it made them worse but now, a year later, it actually helps from time to time. I try not to use it often because I don’t want to be a ‘pothead’ but also it only works for a short time and then later the efficacy wears off and it simply feels as if I am gratuitously getting high. Wow, sorry for the novel but sometimes it is fun to talk about this. Take care!

    • Anonymous said:

      I said this before but I could have written the same thing you just did it appies to be EXACTLY.. The weirdest one is the nap thing>>> I can be 10 times more tired in the day than night but have twitches on the nap but not at night…What is that? Drinking fir sure makes them worse or in my case may have caused them, I am trying something called Saltstick, it is an electolyte pill they are cheap runners love them. If I quit drinking for months they go away fyi. MIne were gone for two months. True story which I have mentioned before I put rogaine on my head for 10 days and it gave me jerks immediately. Many things make them worse. The more relaxed at nigth you are the better. Valerian root helps a bit for sure.I have some other things like Lavander that can work done the right way but leaves you groggy nex day

  12. Anyone got new information on this?


  13. Jo wright said:

    Oh goodness just started to suffer from this terribly. I’ve always had them but been very minor. Had some extreme I’ll health and stress in last few weeks and now I cannot stop jerking all night. If I try and nap during day I just jerk away over and over. I am doing all the right ‘sleep’ things, meditation, no caffeine, good bed time routine. I had no idea how rare it was to be this serious, and assumed doctors would have an idea how to help but it seems not. They happen all over my body, leaving my heart racing. I almost feel like I’m dying. I am glad your website is here, or I wouldn’t know it was a problem for others. How on earth do you cope with the fatigue? Im trying to get over an illness, and now I don’t know what is the illness and what is lack of sleep!

    • I have the very same problem, and I had to see six (not kidding) different doctors and do a sleep study to get a diagnosis of exaggerated hypnic jerks. That amounted to a prescription for clonazapam, exhausted my health insurance and cost me about $10,000 total in medical bills and lost wages. I still have the problem and the clonazapam works, but there is another you can take that works equally as well without a prescription. It is dispensed by doctors in Japan, Italy and India but in America and the UK it is considered a research chemical. It is called etizolam and can be purchased legally online. An online store I’ve ordered it from is called Top Nootropics in California. It’s about a buck a pill. It is addictive and isn’t approved by the FDA so any choice you make I won’t be held libel, but I find that if I only use it once to three times weekly (interspersed with the clonazapam) the efficacy remains solid and I don’t get addicted to either drug. I only use either when I have to, forgoing them if I can. I too twitch when I try to nap, at sleep onset and through the night when it is bad, and most of the doctors didn’t believe it was neurological; they wanted to treat me for a variety of mental illnesses. You are definitely not alone. Google exaggerated hypnic twitches and see what comes up. Bring that into your doctor. If it doesn’t work, there is an alternative. Best of luck to you.

      • Jo Wright said:

        Oh my goodness, thank you. I know for a fact that this started because I have been so anxious and not sleeping well. I have always had trouble sleeping but over the last few years really looked after my sleep and done really well. I know that it’s happening becuase I’m exhuasted, and I need to be able to sleep to make them stop, but I can’t sleep because of the jerking! I think it will be much tougher in the UK health service, which is brilliant, but you can’t keep seeing differnet doctor after different doctor.

        Just looked at the website you recommended and they only ship in America. But I really appreciate your help.

      • Couple of more medication worked in my case. Currently I’m taking valproic acid (Depakin 300 mg) and it helps. I also used in the past phenibut, also helped. It is sold as vitamin supplement in some countries. I used both them for a long time and developed no addiction

      • Anonymous said:

        Where do you get this? valproic acid (Depakin 300 mg

      • Those would be good alternatives as well. For Joe, their is a reputable UK vendor that sells etizolam called Sensible Seeds. They ship all over Europe. But maybe try the other medications (vitamin supplements) that Alex suggested as they do have less side-effects and are not addictive. Yes, the neurologist told me that the twitches get worse the less you sleep. That is the catch 22; they don’t let you sleep and only sleep will help them to go away. I hope you can find some relief. I’ve been dealing with it for seventeen months now to varying degrees of severity. Take care!

      • Anonymous said:

        Klonapin never worked for me really. Valium in high enough does will knock you out…Totally. But you have a hangover from it also..Go take 10 MG valium, valarian root, zinc and magnesium and a lunesta before bed. That is what I have to take although im quitting valium.

  14. Jo Wright said:

    Hi everyone, thank you al for your help. Went to see my doctor and he prescribed zopiclone, he wasn’t sure it will work and neither am I. He seemed pretty taken a back by what I described, although he did believe me. Mainly because my husband can vouch for the jerks! Edgar, I found a reputable UK store for etizolam but will check out your suggestion too, I’m going to try the phenibut, and teh other suppplements suggested, but I can’t easily/safely get hold of teh other drugs suggested unless anyone has any ideas without a prescription. I feel a million times better knowing you are all here offering support. Hope things aregetting better or all of you.

  15. Jo Wright said:

    Alex, what dose phenibut did you take?

    • I started taking phenibut from 250 mg and then in couple of years came up to 500mg (2 pills) before night. After appr 2 years I switched over to Depakine (valproic acid)

    • Depakine is widely used broad spectrum anti-epileptic medication. Try to google. Ther is a lot of info there

  16. Jo Wright said:

    Hmm, I won’t be able to get it very easily in UK. I’d need a prescription and that would be nearly impossible to get I think. Unless anyone has any ideas how to get it!

  17. Hi All! I just want to report that my twitches have finally come to an end! I had them almost 3 years. Never had I a single night without jerks and they always stopped me from falling asleep no matter how tired I was. I had to use several medication during this time every single night. Last 6 months I took valproic acid known as Depakine and unbelievable but last month I was able to pull out of this! I still occasionally have some twitches but they do not prevent me from falling asleep. I also still have general problems with my sleep cycle (this was I believe the reason where the jerks started) but the absence of jerks now gives me hope I will improve quality of sleep. During these years I made a lot of research and findings that worked in my case. They are summarized below
    -minimize use of hypnic drags to avoid addiction and destruction to natural sleep cycle
    -use drags with focus on treating mioclonus epilepsy with no or little effect on sleep cycle. Valproic acid seems fit this requirement well
    -reduce anxiety during night. This is extremely difficult when jerks starts.
    -do more relaxation, finding good hobby, focusing on people that you love

    Hope my case might be helpfull for somebody here

    Good luck and take care!

    • Alex, where do you get Valproic Acid? I have found Zanax ER has really helped mine. I think this whole now is an anxiety disorder. Seems like you feel the same. FYI mine have went away only to come back months later.

      • Forgot my email

      • As far as I know depakine (natrium valproate) is sold in europe and US. this is a reference treatment in epileptic syndromes. In my case anxiety is to be blamed too. However I took depakine as it does not effect sleep itself, had no addiction and can be used for years with no serious side effects.

      • Is it over the counter? How do you get a prescription?

      • It was prescribed by my doctor. I was diagnosed night mioclonus.

  18. I’ve got a related issue. Instead of jerks I get a rush not unlike adrenaline or brain zaps just as I fall asleep. Our brains send a signal down the spine to the muscles that control breathing just as we fall sleep. If I concentrate at the moment that signal occurs I can suppress it but if I do that BLAM–major leg jerk. I’m convinced it’s nerve damage (electrical impulses jumping nerves in nerve bundles just off the spine where many nerve pathways cross over). I wonder if a nerve block or a steroid shot at one of the C1-7might help.

  19. Anonymous said:

    Mine have come back full force. They were gone about 3 months. I am suicidal. I am tired of it. NO one can figure it out.. The post above happens to me I quit breathing, I Guess because I gasp..However I wear a CPAP and even without it I have no apena.. So I quit breathing even with cpap? It is devastating. I am two yrs now with this.

    • Are you talking about jerks or apnoe? What do you actually get coming back? And are you on any medication stuff?

      • The jerks came back . Then only things undid was take testosetrone therpay for 3 weeks and began drinking again socially that’s it . But I’ve tried testosterone 3 times now and that seems to bring them around even though I’ve talked to every testostrone doctor in the country no one ever says it can be true . And I haven’t had a drink it 3 weeks so I swear it’s still a mystery

      • Everything I have read never mentioned testostrone as hurting sleep and my t level is so low that I want to take that also . Last time I had jerks for 4 months after taking it . Drinking males them way worse or causes them . I quit totally . Zazax er seems to shut them down pretty well buy makes me tired and as soon as the drug wears off they start coming back bi extended release is like 10 hours or so . Alex is there any place you recall reading testosterone hurts sleep I have yet to find it on the net anywhere ever one time thanks

      • Just type testosteron and sleep disorders or apnoe. You will find a lot of links in googles. Particular T can make apnoe much worse.


      • Anonymous said:

        Thanks Alex. I have googled this about 3000 times now lol. I do know where some studies show it “may” exacertbate Sleep apnea. However, I wear a CPAP mask and have been for almost two yrs now. Also just had a study without the mask that shows I have no sleep apnea. So it is not that. I Literally cannot find one article saying testosterone hurts sleep. IN fact they all say low testosterone is what affects sleep negatively. Thanks for trying to help.

    • I fully understand your desperation and depression with this. I have been dealing with this for 10 years now.

      Is there someone you can speak with to get some help with how you are feeling?

      I know it’s no solace now, but to be free of them for 3 months is a dream for a lot of us, so know that there is hope for you.

    • Please do not panick! I had been in similar state of mood too but then managed to stop jerks by taking prescribed medication. It is belived that testosterone therapy may have impact on sleep quality. In both way for good and bad. It may just be a side effect. So just wait until the level of your testosterone comes back to natural level and hopefully your jerks will go away. Are you taking any sleep medication?

  20. Anonymous said:

    Or what Medication worked best fro you?

    • I used valproat natrium (Known as Depakine). This helped me

      • Anonymous said:

        Alex do you know the MG? Looks like 250 MG? Also called sodium Valporate it appears.

      • I guess you are talking about Depakote. I haven’t used this but I think this has same prescription.

      • Anonymous said:

        Yes it is just different name..They are all Sodium Valporate. And this worked for the hypnic jerks? I just ordered some at 125 MG a piece. There is also 250 MG. DO you know what strength you use? And I hope it works on me.

  21. Anonymous said:

    If it doesn’t work you have to give me a refund lol. I bet you are German Alex.

    • I used 300MG. No I’m not German but I still wish you good luck. Take it 30 min before you go to bad and hopefully it will work for you

  22. Hi alex this is rick I have been suffering from these jerks for a year now im on klonopin my body built up a tolerance to it and was wondering were you bought your phenibut from?What website/place because I want to get the right stuff if it is from Russia?Also is sodium valproate a medication I was just wondering if it has to be prescribed or bought?Also clonidine how did you get a doctor to sign of on that?

    • rick I used phenibut for appr 2 years. It worked for me but similarly to you my body developed tolerance. Phenibut is sold over the counter in my country and is produced in Baltic states. It is also used as a food supplement in some other countries. It turned out that valproate natrium known as Depakine is working better than fenibut in my case

  23. also alex I also know what might be causing them but not sure yet doing the detox this week,you said that this happened after a tricylid what was the trycyclid?The clonazepam generic for klonopin,started causing me insomnia complete inability to sleep so I had to use a ssri because it was dropping my serotonin levels so low.

  24. Alex did you try the ketogenic diet for epilepsy?

    • Anonymous said:

      I don’t know that Hypnic jerks are Epilepsy are they? I am guessing that is fasting Ketogenic

    • I didn’t try kerogenic diet. I think that jerks are kind of epilepsy sindrom and can be treated by anti epilepsy drags. But I’m not a doctor and this is just my guess. In my case anti epilepsy medication worked.

      • cause its starting to look like epileptic fits but its just so strange that epileptic drugs werk for it it if its not a form of epilepsy.

      • Anonymous said:

        I agree I don’t get it. But I think Alex stated only Sodium Valporate worked. Seems like it would happen during the day if it was Epilepsy.

      • Anonymous said:

        I Used Gabapentatin for epilepsy and it had no affect on jerks. The only thing I have ever taken that will get me to sleep even with jerks is Zanax ER. Extended release form. I think it is somewhat new drug. I slept 6 hours without waking on it. Does seem to affect my libido however. But I feel energetic the next day.

  25. I noticed that most if not all medication stuff that we find helpful in our situation are triggering GABA receptors in our brains. Which leads me to the thoughts that jerks are due to low natural level of GABA in our brains. Here is an article on why gaba level is important and why it may depleat in our body http://www.denvernaturopathic.com/news/GABA.html

  26. themanwhocannot sleep have you beeting your condition yet or no has anyone else on here beet this yet?If not we should all consider the possibility we have a paraneoplastic syndrome called morvans syndrome,these jerks are common in the early stages of the syndrome,if you all have muscle twitches during the day under your skin these are the symptoms of early stages of morvans syndrome.paraneoplastic syndromes present early then they attack with jerks lead into eventually total insomnia,it is 90% treatable 10% fatal.Guess what drug they use to treat it among others KLONOPIN,cortico steroids immunoglobulin therapy PE,prednisone until it goes into remission.But you have to be be on rotation of treatments or it only gets worse.I went to mayo clinic to get tested for it waiting on the results also had a prion MRI special done multi spectral MRI of my brain.

    • Thank for the info, Rick.

      No, I have not beaten the condition. I am still dealing with it. I hope you can find some answers. Good luck!

      My condition does not really resemble Morvan’s Syndrome, but it is worth a look for those dealing with this. Anything is really worth a look.

      Good luck to everyone. Thanks for posting. Let’s keep hoping and hopefully dreaming!

      • Anonymous said:

        Not that we want to get addicted to Benzos but…Go get Zaxax ER or XR extended release. Only thing I ever took that can knock it out. Not a cure but it blows regular zanax away as it releases slowly keeping your central nervous system down. It has to be a central nervous issue. I now have a script for .5 three time a day. I take .5 two hours before bed and another .5 when I go. Not a huge dose but I bet all of you it knocks them out. I also take lunesta but ive been on that two years. The zanax ER is the real deal. Especially if you choice is no sleep or a possible addiction. Ill take the sleep. Let me know if you try it.

  27. I went on the 25th of September been waiting for this jerk to get back to me on the phone at mayo it is almost impossible to get ahold of those doctors,but still waiting on results,plus all the blood werk I could have done still could come back negative and I could still have it,one test that came back positive in me in my bowel I have mini tumors in my bowel was just like 70% of morvan syndrome patients have in the bowel,it was a urine of my serotonin I suggest you all have that one done see what comes back.Its cheap and if we all have it its time we ban together and bicth out these guys for having treatment and with holding it lol.

  28. yes first place to look or find someone to run paraneoplastic blood panel like I did antibodies form along receptor in the brain and keep you awake by jolting you or,whative gone through is just insomnia and went back to the jerks and jolts.

  29. they also have serotonin blood test too

  30. There is new generation medication to treat insomnia released on the market at least in US. It is worth to try if this can be helpful to us. Particularly this stuff helps to treat sleep onset issues


  31. one thing that is curious about phenibut its not only a gaba affector it increases norepinephrine and epinephrine im gonna try it with .5 clonazepam see what happens.try to wean of the clonazepam if it werks.

    • Anonymous said:

      Klonipin did nothing for me. Listen try Zanax ER!!!!! Not even close.

      • I might try that but I have to ween off clonazepam or im gonna end up in hospital like last time lol

      • I will bet you anything you will sleep 10 times better on Zanax er . Look at drugs.com it is ranked number one for anxiety and depression way above klonpon. I believe the reviews way more than docs . It seems to slow my libido so far but it will stop the jerks after 3 days tops forget weening by off Klonopin . It lasts for about 2 hours for me while the extended relaese almost seems to cure it .

  32. ill try to get it from my doctors but,its gonna be hard to order it since im on another benzo

  33. also anyone know where I can get etilozam cause if all else fails gonna have to use that I cant find it anywhere,anyone still have realiable website to get that from since im in America and most wont ship it.

  34. no it only makes it worse

  35. The man who cannot sleep did you try changing your diet over the ten years you’ve had this or no?

  36. alright I got the Depakote which is the same thing as depakine and a beta blocker from the doctor as well just like clonidine see if it werks
    and im gonna try and get Xanax XR from my other doctor holding my breath here.

    • Let me give you an update Rick. Zaxax ER will work. However it kills my erection makes it non-existent. I am waiting on Sodium Valporate which is Depakote I believe. Please PLEASE let me know how that works.

      • I used 300mg Depakine (guess same as Depakote). I took daily 1 hour before bed. It starts to work slowly in couple of weeks. So you will need to continue with your current medication and then gradually reduce it over time. It took me couple months to fully switch over to Depakine. Though this time I think depends on how much of dosage of Depakote you will be taking

      • Anonymous said:

        Alex mine is coming soon. What dosage are you using? And in your mind it is definitely working for you? You are pretty certain? id anyone tel you why it is working such as a doctor? Just curious as I have another Neruo apt this Thursday. I have some coming not sure it is legit med if you know what I mean. I want to ask or tell the Neurologist to put me on it if you really believe this knocked them out. And it was about two weeks? Thanks

      • Alex I see where you stated 300 sorry. I think I have 125 coming. Any side effects?

      • I see there is also a ER version. Extended release. Valproate products include: valproate sodium (Depacon), divalproex sodium (Depakote, Depakote CP, and Depakote ER), valproic acid (Depakene and Stavzor), and their generics.

      • There is a lot of information about depakote on the web including side effects. http://epilepsy.med.nyu.edu/treatment/medications/valproate#sthash.60Jig6Dw.dpbs
        I had none of them as 300 mg per day was probably pretty low dosage for me. It is believed to increase level of gaba in the brain that cools down brain electrical activity

      • I only have 125’s coming. Maybe I will take two

      • Mark what stuff are you taking currently?

      • I have been on lunesta for 2 yrs and Zanax er. That works but takes your libido away

      • When this all started I had jerks at onset of sleep now I have them most early morning before to time to get up.

      • Why are you using both of them? Are they knocking you out only when used both? I only used lunesta for couple of weeks and never Zanax. Do not know how long it might take for you to stop taking them. Guess you need to talk to your doc. You can start with 125mg depakote and after 2 weeks another 125. If nothing wrong then you can try to slowly reduce lunesta and zanax. It may take a while. Talk to your doc.

      • Just started on Zanax in combo as they broke out horribly. I could not sleep without Lunesta. NO shot.

      • Alex have you been diagnosed with Epilepsy? I took Gapapentatin it did not work either. I think it increases Gaba also.

      • Mark I was diagnozed with night mioclonus. Not sure this is right diagnosis. No other type of epilepsy detected. I used lamotrigene as well but this didn’t help. So I guess not all types of anti epileptic stuff is working right.

      • Yea Night Myoclonus is a Hypnic Jerk.

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  38. so far im just having nothing but insomnia no jerks which is pissing me off since I wantd to test Depakote nd cant till they come back its so exhausting

    • I took Dekopote last night seemed to make me wired before sleep but then. Slept pretty well not sure it was one night

    • rick in my case and I think in your too insomnia is the cause for jerks. If we fix insomnia we will get rid of jerks. How do you treat your insomnia? My doc wants me to take antidepressant to increase my serotonin level

      • i dont take an anti depressant because im afraid itll make the jerks worse but hey maybe not,i tried doxepin for few weeks seemed to make jerks worse but hey if I don’t get them at all how am I supposed to fall asleep.

      • FYI guys 3 nights on 125 extended release of Sodium Valporate or also called Dekopte. First night jerks were minimal last two night none…Not sure if that is what did it but they left immediately it seems.

  39. I tried the phenibut when I had them it werks same way as the klonopin or a benzo werks but it takes a few hours and I interspersed it with klonopin,i also got a beta blocker too that I haven’t been able to try yet like clonidine.

    • rick does in your case phenibut work for few hours or does it take few hours before it starts to work. In my case it works for 7-8 hours. It doesn’t accumulate in the body so it is rather good than bad. How much of it did you take? I took 250-500 mg depending on how strong the jerks were

  40. 250mg

  41. alex what anti depressant does doctor make you take?

    • I do not recall name of the stuff. At that point I decided not to take any anti depressants. However I started taking L-triptofan (a food supplement) which increases level of serotonin and melatonin in the night. It makes me certainly more drowsy and improves quality of my sleep

      • Alex you are the one using Dekopote right? Seems to be working for me..

      • Mark, i’m glad to here it works for you too. Are you also using some other stuff or just depakote?

      • Yes I cut back my zanax but I was having jerks with it anyway. I also started CO Q 10 a few days before but the very night I used Sodium Valporte they almost dissapeared. Second night totally disappeared. Third night last night maybe like 2 and no problem getting back to sleep after bathroom. Pretty amazing. I a meeting with a Neurologist Monday and I did not get the script from him. I am going to ask him how that can work that well. Are yours still gone? Did they go way right away also? I only took 125 but is is extended release.

      • Mine have come back after 2 months. But I haven’t taken any medication for these two months, so it was like a miracle. However I still had insomnia. I still slept 4-6 hours a night and finally jerks came back again. This just proves to me that my jerks are a result of insomnia and if I can fix insomnia the jerks will go away one day.

      • And yes, I’m back to Depakine. It works basically same way as in your case. It is just a bit deffered as probably because I’m using enteric not ER

      • So you got off Deko and they came back? As soon as you got back on it the jerks went away? Is that correct? I do not think it is insomna. I think it can cause insomnia. I am already usually asleep when these start and wake me up..Especially in the morning.

      • Mark, exactly. However it took 2 months until jerks came back. It is not that bad. I had first insomnia and then jerks. So in my case insomnia to be blamed first. I still have to figure out how to fix it.

  42. this shit seems to be keeping me awake I cant even sleep when I take depakote

    • Rick, I’m sorry to hear this. Are you taking other sleeping meds too? Depakote is not sleeping med. it will not make you sleep, it may just take your jerks away if it works for you. If you are taking some other sleep medicine you should continue and cut it back very slowly

  43. I wake up with the jerks but they aren’t bad im able to fall back to sleep antidepressants make them happen,but if I don’t increase my hormones which ever one is responsible for the jerks I cant sleep at all,so it seems like either way im screwed a girlfriend of mine has the exact same problem.And what does MG?mean?

    • MG =Milligrams….. Rick can you explain what you mean by increasing your Hormones? And then I can tell you what happened to me regarding Hormones. I think there is a correlation. But tell me what Hormones you mean or what you took? Testosterone?

  44. serotonin I think it its and I tried the l tryptophan alex slept good and then had really bad constipation is that supposed to happen does it go away?Alex did you have it when you first started the tryptophan?i find something that werks and shuzam I cant use it because it cause me some other ailment.

  45. Alex have you ever taken testosterone therapy? Have you ever drank heavily for years?

    • Mark I did nothing of this

      • Alex did they just start out of no where? Last night I did not take Zanax er but did take sodium Valporate and had the jerks. I swear it is crazy. Also Alex I forgot are you the manwhocannotsleep?

      • Mark no I’m not themanwhocannotsleep but I cannot sleep either. 4 years ago I had head concussion then immediately followed by insomnia, then after appr 1 year the jerks started.
        This is quite logical. Valproate increases the action of Zanax and vice versa when you take them together. However valproate will not fix the issue immediately on it own as the concentration of valproic acid is increased slowly in the body. It may take few weeks until valproate starts working fully.
        Do not try to cut back zanax immediately, do it slowly. at the same time you can think on increasing valproate as 125 mg is very low dose.
        Are you also taking some other stuff on top of this?

      • Yes I take Lunesta. That gets me out usually unless the jerks are really bad. I have tried to take testosterone therapy about 4 times just a small dose prescribed by a doctor. My jerks initially started when starting this. Then each time I stop they seem to go away after about 4 months..Even if I take testosterone only 3 weeks. I do think there is a hormonal link because of this.

      • Mark apart of jerks do you have insomnia? How long do you usually sleep and is the quality of your sleep is good? I would start first to cut back lunesta then Zanax but very slowly as I said earlier it may take weeks.

  46. zma? whats that

  47. ya i took l tryptophan jerks increased like a mother,dont suggest doing that

  48. Hi,
    first I read all the thread here, brief intro about me:
    32 male suffering from GAD and panic since adulthood, taking 10 mg daily since 9.
    last year my anxiety was high with panic attacks started to have problems at sleep.
    Dr. raised lexapro to 20 and was better and didn’t had problems at night.
    after being back to 10mg 6 months before I started to have the hypnotic jerks not every day but couple of times a week. sometimes Iam able to sleep after several attempts other times i have to take xanax as i have duty next day.
    In my case it is very related to
    1- adrenaline being anxious or excited
    2- going to sleep not being sleepy is another factor
    3- eating chocolate or drinking tea.
    and when Iam extremely tired and fatigued I sleep as I can’t worry anymore..
    today I read an optimistic post I hope it helps us all. written by happy smurf at http://curezone.org/forums/am.asp?i=785066 at the end of the page.
    magnesium and baking soda ?
    let us check it and update pls..
    Best luck and wish you all peace..

  49. Hello manwhocannotsleep,

    I have been dealing with hypnic jerks on and off for about 2 years. I also have a mild case of RLS (restless legs syndrome), and I have thought for a while that they may be connected in some way.

    Research has indicated a connection between RLS and high levels of glutamate. Other research has shown that NAC (n-acetylcysteine) can help control abnormal levels of glutamate.

    Putting those two things together with my hunch that the hypnic jerks were connected to the RLS, I decided to try taking NAC after a recent flare-up of the hypnic jerks. Within a week, the jerks had reduced by about 80%, and within 10 days, they were completely gone.

    My dosage has been between 2400-3600 mg of NAC about an hour before bed along with 2000 mg of vitamin C to prevent oxidation of NAC (a bit of research will give more info about that process if you’re interested).

    I see that you have tried just about everything under the sun for your jerks, so I wanted to share with you a possible help.

    All the best!

    • Thank you very much for the suggestion!

      I am currently trying NAC to see if it helps. In fact, I just ordered another bottle, and am hoping to continue the experiment. It’s a little too early to tell if it’s working for me or not, but I am approaching it with an open mind; like everything else.

      I am so happy to hear it worked for you. That is fantastic. I hope you continue to keep it under control and are able to do everything you want.

      I really want to thank you again for coming on here and suggesting that. I really appreciate the thought.

      Hopefully, others on here can try NAC, and see if it helps them. Please keep in touch and let us know how everything is going.

      Take care.

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